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   Legal Support Services
Discovery and Litigation Team Support

Trial Lawyers and Litigation Support Teams these days, due mainly to new civil procedure rules that have reduced the amount of time to respond to discovery requests, have more and more pressure on them for timely Discovery turn-around time then ever before.

Allow translation.net to support you and your Litigation Support Team in timely -

Document Conversions and OCR in Searachable Formats

Digitized Document Translations in 16 Languages

For more information on these Services please click here.

   Japanese <=> English Transation Software - HIGH QUALITY!
Atlas quality translation software, English to Japanese

Atlas Super & Double Pack
ATLAS is our recommended package for organizations seeking a high quality machine software package for Japanese to English and English to Japanese translation.


   ProMT Translation Software

@promt Expert 7.0 Translation Software

ProMT Expert & Standard
Translate documents and image files, make the customization operations such as attaching specialized or user dictionaries, attaching translation memory databases, converting lists of words and their translations into user dictionaries and apply many other adjustment options in order to receive the highest translation quality.

   Chinese Translation Software
Transwhiz 9.0 Chinese Translation Software

Transwhiz Chinese Translation Software
Now with Translation Memory (TM) and the most accuracy of any Chinese translation system. Bar none, it's the current leader among the English <=> Chinese translation systems. Requires Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP English or Chinese version.

   Top Choice Around the World for Translation Software   
Systran Machine Translation

Systran Software Translation
SYSTRAN is a leading provider of the world's most scalable and modular translation architecture. This is a High Quality 32-bit translation software solution for Windows. Its core technologies power translation solutions for the Internet, PCs and network/LANs which facilitates communication and understanding in 36 language pairs complemented by 20 specialized Glossaries and Dictionaries.

   Translation Memory - Deja Vu X
Deja Vu X

Deja Vu X Software
Déjà Vu X is a powerful and customizable computer-assisted translation (CAT) system. Combining state-of-the-art translation memory (TM) technology with EBMT (example-based machine translation) techniques, Déjà Vu X provides an unmatched breakthrough in productivity and consistency.

   Web Server Translation and API Programable Command Sets - AVAILABLE
Web Server 'C' API .DLL .NET
European Languages yes yes yes
Asian Languages yes yes yes yes
Middle Eastern Languages yes yes yes
For more information on the best sever and API/SDK solutions available, please contact us.


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