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Foreign Language Keyboards and Keytop Labels


translation.net offers keyboards and keytop labels in almost every major language. These keyboards will allow you to easily type documents, web pages, etc. The labels are made to work alongside your current keyboard letters, so you can use both languages conveniently. If you have any questions or can't find what you need here, please contact us.


foreign language keyboards

Foreign Language Keyboards

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Keytop Labels


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Examples of Foreign Keyboard Layouts


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Keyboards and Keytop Labels

Product Notes:


Our high-quality keyboards are divided into two major classifications:

  • The $69.95 and less expensive models are imported from other countries. All of these keyboards are beige.
  • The $149.95 models are custom made in the USA using only the best Keytronic standard keyboards.
    These models contain both foreign and USA type faces, making them perfect for billingual people and businesses with non-native employees. All of these keyboards are beige.


Keyboard Layouts:

Most of our keyboards are made to Microsoft® specifications so they correspond perfectly to the Windows (3.1 or later) operating system. We have installed a drop-down menu of all our international keyboards. Select a language to get the keyboard layout as a general reference of what to expect.


Installation Instructions

Keyboard Installation instructions:

For PCs running Windows:

  • Power off your computer
  • Plug in your new keyboard
  • Boot up your computer.
  • Go into the Control Panel in Windows and find the Regional Settings or Keyboard icon.
  • Change the Input Locale to the language of the keyboard you have installed.
  • An icon should appear at the bottom right of the taskbar which allows you to change back and forth between languages. No additional software is required.


Keytop Label Instructions:

  • Clean existing keyboard with alcohol pad or swab.
  • Peel keytop labels off one at a time from backing.
  • Center keytop label onto key top (use tweezers if available).
  • When placement is correct, firmly press keytop label onto key top.
  • Finally, reposition is necessary. (Bond becomes stronger after 24 hours.)





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