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Discovery Support and Document Conversions

Trial Lawyers and Litigation Support Teams these days, due mainly to new civil procedure rules that have reduced the amount of time to respond to discovery requests, have more and more pressure on them for timely Discovery turn-around time then ever before.

With the amount of Discovery documents for each case increasing by as much as 500% to 1000% from just a few years ago, during your Discovery Process it is paramount to have access and the ability to accurately process and search all the important and critical documents in as fast and in as an efficient method as is possible.

With so many Judgements being awarded in cases based on the finding of just a few critical documents, the importance of accurately Indexing and then Retrieving documents quickly can be paramount to winning a case. Therefore the need to get all documents Scanned, Converted text and then Indexed, can be the determining factor in your firm and your clients winning a case.

With more and more cases involving foreign companies, the amount of foreign language documents has increased about 20 times in the last 4 years. Therefore it may even be necessary to Translate some of the documents to determine which ones will be relevant to your case.

Allow translation.net to support you and your Litigation Support Team in document OCR conversion and if necessary in the initial translation all of your case documents.

Using OCR Software to Convert from Image to Text

Using our high quality OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Processes we can convert all of your scanned documents, images, into a Readable, text, and in a Searchable format. This will then allow you to store these documents in your Document Management System, whether it is Concordance, Summation or any other DMS Application. Once the OCR conversion has been done, you will be able to search these digitized files by using many different criterias. Some of these methods could be either by simple text queries, such as Bates Numbers, Dates, Surname Names and Phrases or by using more complex Boolean queries.

Using Translation Software to Translate

If the case also includes foreign language documents, at times it may be necessary to have some of these documents translated to then determine whether they are germane to your case.

For this process it is not necessary to spend exuberant amounts of money having a Human Translator perform the job. Allow translation.net to use its high quality Machine Translation (MT) Processes to instead initially provide you with the basic meaning or intent of what is contained in these documents. This process of using translation software, in the industry, is what we call ‘Gisting’, i.e. getting the ‘Gist’ of the original intent!

Why work with translation.net?

  • We are a Single Source technology company supporting Discovery needs for the last 4 years.
  • We deliver – On Time and On Budget for every Project.
  • We provide you with a dedicated Project Manager who works tirelessly on your behalf till the end of your case.

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