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Systran Translation Software

Systran is a top choice for government, business, educational, and translators around the world. SYSTRAN's translation software (MT) technology integrates multilingual functionalities in digital communication, content authoring, and information processing. Systran Professional translation software can be used in multiple environments including applications such as eCommerce, CRM, Content Management, databases, corporate Intranets, email, Instant Messaging, SMS, WAP, and more.

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Systran Professional Premium

Systran Professional Premium

Includes all features of the other SYSTRAN. Also includes 5 specialized dictionaries: Business, Colloquial, Industries, and Sciences covering 20 domains. Plus integrated Translation Memory, support for TMX standard, and many linguistic tools.

Systran Professional Business

Systran Professional Business

SYSTRAN is the most popular translation software used today and is capable of providing high-quality drafts in many languages. Total languages available are: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Polish and Swedish. Not all versions include all language pairs. Please call for assistance. This is a true educational, government and business oriented natural language translation software for Windows.

Systran Home 6.0

Systran Home 6.0

SYSTRAN Home 6.0 is the quick and easy translation program for Windows. It is available in the World and European language packs! It is designed for simple everyday translation tasks and translates via a handy toolbar that lets you cut and paste translations into all Windows compatible applications like Word and WordPerfect. SYSTRAN Home 6.0 also translates web pages.

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